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The Holiday Inn Oceanfront Miami Beach has good rates
and you can walk to all the sights.  In fact the most famous
of the Miami Beach Hotels are just next door.  If you book
through Delta Airlines they will have rooms; I booked through
Delta Vacations.  Delta Airlines pioneered the Miami Beach Vacation
back in the 1930s when air travel became competitive with the train.


Be advised that many of the transfers (Uber, Lyft, Shuttles) from
Miami Airport to your Hotel speak Spanish.  It is something you get
use to and I have advised Delta Airlines when I purchased a transfer
that the lack of communication was stressful.  The van driver did not
understand the coupon and of course Delta Airlines was most apologetic
for the situation.  Parking your own car at Miami Beach Hotels runs about 40 dollars a day so just relax and leave the car at your airport.

Time to walk